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Yoga & Corporate Wellbeing

“Wellness is the process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a more successful existence.”

-The National Wellness Institute


At Mantra Melbourne we are into Total Wellness. We offer Yoga and wellness training for individuals and corporations alike and for all levels of experience.

We also offer Trauma Sensitive Yoga courses as taught and certified by TCTSY, a Justice Research Institute in Boston, US (Trauma Centre).

We run regular yoga classes to suit all levels at our Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Mt Eliza, as well as corporate wellbeing programs. Our employee wellness initiative targets the key health segments: nutrition, movement, stress management and mental wellbeing; through a series of education sessions and classes. Program participants are encouraged to create positive lifestyle behaviours, and the length of the program can be adjusted to your budget and employee availability ranging from 1 day seminars to 8  to 12 week intervention programs.

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